Marie is such a caring and loving person, and you feel at a wonderful peaceful place while she is healing you. I would recommend her with complete confidence.

Jan,   Plymouth

Some Gift items available now

evening gold on stream stream with sunlight through trees Bluebells

A Beautiful, Sacred, Healing Space
To cherish and nurture the Heart
And awaken your own inner wisdom forjava water with rocks and trees
Healing and transformation

Peace, Healing

For re-connection to ourselves and awareness of our pure self.

Meditations, articles, Guided writing, Chakra guides.

Bringing Angel gifts to you.

For beautiful crystals infused with high energetic vibrations to help bring forth higher perspectives and healing. We believe that pure and energised crystals may enable subtle transformation of physical, mental and emotional stress and therefore enhance wholeness and health for your whole being These positive experiences help us to connect with a  real sense of our true selves, experiencing unconditional love at a deep level.

As we live in this pure state of being we are able to  experience a unity with all life and in this way appreciate the beauty in simplicity which lies at the heart of nature.

While here you can browse a range of gifts such as Angel gifts, crystal angels, crystal jewellery, chakra jewellery, chakra crystals, chakra items. We will soon be adding Healing crystals, meditation crystals and other beautiful gemstones for healing and well-being.

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Sacred Heart

Heal the inner wounds and open the gates to love prosperity and abundance.

Receive a Healing Visualisation

  • - for release of emotional/mental/physical pain
  • - a beautiful Angel gift to guide, uplift and inspire your dreams to fulfill your purpose
  • empowering you to create a Sacred living space.

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Sacred Heart