Marie is such a caring and loving person, and you feel at a wonderful peaceful place while she is healing you. I would recommend her with complete confidence.

Jan,   Plymouth

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Chakras information

What is a Chakra ?

Our body comprises many centres of energy.  These energy centres, or  vortexes, are known as Chakras (Sanskrit meaning 'spinning wheel of  energy') and are located in our body to help us to process the universal energies that are around and within us.

There are seven major  energy centres in our body and they directly correlate with our physical body.  They are stacked together in a central column from the crown of  your head to the base of your spine and when we open them and align the  centres, we allow our vital life-force (also known as Ki or Prana) to  flow freely through.  

These centres can be instrumental in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies - relating and working with them. 

The purpose of working with these energies is to foster integration of all aspects of your life to create a more holistic being

The Chakra System
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