Marie is such a caring and loving person, and you feel at a wonderful peaceful place while she is healing you. I would recommend her with complete confidence.

Jan,   Plymouth

Some Gift items available now

Guided meditations you can download. These beautiful meditations will soon be available with voice. To download the meditations you would like, click the pictures.


The Radiant Light Meditation

May you feel the breath of life reach out to you, softly caress you and heal your heart;

Release and forgive the past, as nature brings your attention to the

majesty revealed in your present moment awareness.......

Bluebell woods

The Eternal Present Meditation

Surrender to the energy of now, to the gifts of life available in the present moment, feel the

 new energy pouring through into your awareness, illuminating your mind, uplifting your

 heart, and inspiring your dreams, as the sun, reaches out to you through the clouds ......


A Healing Visualisation

 Visualize beautiful golden light flowing toward you, effortlessly moving through you,

permeating every layer of consciousness, reaching every part of you, caressing every cell

You are loved completely, held gently within the lights' loving embrace ...

Dartmoor stream

To Move Beyond Boundaries

Visualize yourself surrounded by an iridescent light, bathed in the warmth and beauty of

 the radiant sun, imparting and inspiring truth, love and beauty to arise abundantly within

 you. Infused with iridescent light, harmony unites .....

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